I remember growing up in the small town of Shelbyville, Tennessee on a two- lane street with no sidewalks. Wondering what I would become when I grew up, as I did not have athletic abilities to rely on. However, at a young age I discovered that I could mimic other artist that I would hear while listening to jazz music on the radio while visiting an older neighbor. I did not realize that this could be a talent or so something that could later turn into a singing career.


Let’s face it, Shelbyville was not known for music and I certainly did not know any singers other that the ones that sung at church. As I got older, my mother knew I had the talent to become a singer, mama used to say, baby you can sing you just need a little training. So, a few years after I graduated from high school and moved to Nashville, Tennessee better known as Music City, I had my first dose of the night light, music, and watching others perform on stage. After doing some research, yet still wet behind the ears, I found a vocal and artist development coach on Music Row and I started taking vocal lessons. Matter of fact, I had several vocal coaches over the years.


While the artist development deal did not pan out, I learned some valuable lessons about the music industry some good and some well not so good. I also made some life long friends and music supporters.


Years or should I say centuries later, I started recording my first album “This Is Me” in Nashville, Tennessee with a wonderful producer who has connections to Abbey Road Studios in London, England. Life does not get any better, when you are blessed to work with a producer as an independent artist. I am one lucky gal.


I have not toured anywhere, nor did I have a lot of credentials to be worthy to work with this producer. Finally when the album was released for the world to hear, I made the Pinguin Radio Magazine Blues Playlist in Europe. I came in at number 6 on the playlist and blues singer, Candi Staton came in at number 3.


This could have not been done without the help of new fans and listeners.